Technical data for settlement distilleries (micro distilleries)


  • CE-conform layout according to the European pressure equipment directive, for operating pressures of 0.8 and 1.0 bar. 
  • Special-construction firebox for firing with oil/gas burners or wood.
  • Arrangement of firing connection, smoke tube connection, and stillage discharge according to your request.
  • Extreme corrosion resistance thanks to tried and tested choice of material, as well as audited welding techniques.

Copper still

  • Spherical, thus ready for perfect dealcoholization of the mash, combined with high durability against pressure for the bain-marie pressure.
  • The upper part of the still being hammered by a coppersmith, for a strong and compacted long-life surface (no roughness in the long run).
  • Electronic agitator: a low-speed gear motor (about 66 rpm) with large paddle for careful rotation (stones remain intact).
  • Very low position of the filler cap, thus much mash in the heated space; on request, stillage discharge for dried slop.

Column stills:

  • The heart of the distillery: Poire Williams will remain Poire Williams, kirsch will remain kirsch.
  • Scientifically based bottom construction for a perfect bubble/boiling zone.
  • Dephlegmator temperature control on request – the highlight of modern distillation technology.
  • Great variability – and thus potential for quality – thanks to individually disengageable plates and choices concerning reflux.
  • Standard high-pressure cleaning system for the plates.

EC binder / catalyst:

  • The most important component is the extremely large wetted copper surface / structured copper packing (450 ² per m³).
  • The EC binder is next in line after the column, fitted vertically, and filled with two or three copper packings.
  • The catalyzer can be switched on and off manually or automatically, thus without impurities caused by coasting.
  • The copper packings can be taken out for cleaning (detachable base of the sheathing), or by flushing while built-in.

High-pressure cleaning equipment / CIP (optional)

  • Hot-water tank with a capacity of up to 300 liters, plus stainless-steel pressure pump with up to 10 bar pressure.
  • Sprayings (stainless-steel spray ball).
  • Option of circulation using cleaning solutions and water

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