The fine art of distilling technology - since 1869

Artisan Distilling by CARL

We produce our traditional CARL micro distilleries with capacities between 50 and 250 liters with the utmost care. Like with all CARL facilities, we focus on the best possible quality. These efficient installations produce outstanding distillates.

Thanks to the use of tried and tested components with best possible coppersmith quality these facilities are also a result of our outstanding cooperation between our construction and manufacturing departments. Also, all of our highly functional stills have long service maintenance intervals, which makes our plants very cost-efficient in operation.

Applications Schnaps/Fruit Brandies, Eaux de vie, Whisky, Gin, Aquavit, Rum, Armagnac, Brandies/Cognac, Grappa, e.g.
Sizes 50 – 500 l
Specs designed & built to customer specification
Accessories Agitator
Plate design
Copper adsorber (catalysts)
CARL DPC-Automation
Spherical still kettle
CIP rinsing

The highest level of security is our top priority. For this reason, an electric thermometer is installed in the cooler water in every system to avoid escaping alcohol vapors. Upon request, the water level in the water bath can also be monitored. Please also compare our inexpensive, easy-to-use electronic accessory modules.


from 50 to 500 l

150 – 250 l column distillery