Qualität Made in Germany

The fine art of distilling technology - since 1869

German Quality by CARL. In actual 110+ Countries of the World.

Excellent distilling results. Finest aesthetic. Outstanding flavour and aroma.

At CARL we do not make compromises when producing excellent distillates. Quality and ingredients depend mainly on the kind and condition of the burner, heating, columns, catalysts, used materials, intelligent cleaning procedures and finest copper plates in hammered technique.

Also, further factors play an important role in achieving highest standards in the development and production process, e.g.

  • Plants designed for highest longevity and reliability, even in the project development process
  • Ergonomic and simple control of all panels & systems – also during assembly and maintenance
  • Multiple pre-assembly quality controls and functional tests at our shop in Germany
  • QM coaching & QM supervision of all suppliers
  • Partnership with TÜV Süd, respectively certified authorities for pressure vessel regulations & fire protection

To reach highest possible qualities, we at CARL pay great attention to all these factors.
Combined with love for details, we aim for perfection. Personally. Every day!



High-End gin destillery in Australia/Melbourne