Vodka & Whisky Spezial

The fine art of distilling technology - since 1869

Vodka by CARL

CARL’s vodka distilleries are technologically state-of-the-art, highly efficient systems that provide you as a customer with an optimal firing process and best qualities – combined with maximum efficiency and optimized Control, including Safety Features. They are characterized as followed:

  • Pot still (batch) from minimum 1,500 l net filling capacity OR
  • Continous working vodka rectification distilleries with up to 12,000 l alcohol per day
  • Plants/systems with 50+ rectification plates
  • Continous working de-methylizer systems
  • Polishing columns for reducing congeners alcohol
  • Vodka quality according to EU Spirituosen Codex – if fully equipped

Please feel free to contact us for further information and for detailed consulting.



CARL bietet vielfältigste Möglichkeiten


Whiskey by CARL

Tradition and Innovative technology  – paired with typical whisky pot still design. CARL’s whisky distilleries are either executed as Scottish Single Malt Tradition as Wash and Spirit Still Combination or as stand alone Pot Still with side attached Aroma Column. Available in various expansion stages – tailored to your Distilling philosophy – characterized by the following features:

  • Traditional Scotch Malt whisky (batch) pot still design
  • Wash still & spirit still vs (continental) pot still with side column
  • Kettle with wide pot shoulder for wash & spirit still
  • 700l up to 10.000l net filling capacity as standard size, bigger capacities on demand
  • Still head in lamp-glass or boil-ball or in Ogee style
  • Swan neck in wide radius
  • Lynne arm rising or falling towards the condenser
  • Spirit safe and integrated spirit receiver tanks – according to customer request
  • Indirect heating by steam jacket or external reboiler
  • Stainless steel condenser pipes – or optional in copper
  • Side attached purifier as option
  • Accessories as mash-/Lautertun, hot liquor tank and fermenters

Please feel free to contact us for further information. We are happy to consult you personally.



CARL bietet vielfältigste Möglichkeiten