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Über Carl

The fine art of distilling technology - since 1869

A Family Business … for more than 150 Years!

Founded officially in 1869, CARL is one of the oldest distilling coppersmiths in Germany and in the world. But even before this date, the family of CARL has been working as coppersmiths since around 1800, producing the first kettles and distilling facilities. A long journey … In the following overview you get to know some highlights of our milestones. Since 2004 we are working at our new production facility in Eislingen (5,000 m2 shop floor of production/office/storage) with our team of 25 experts of different disciplines.


SINCE 1869 – 20xx

1800s First coppersmith facilities of family CARL …
1869 Official founding of CARL Kessel- und Kupfer-Schmiede – necessary by rules of the German TÜV – near the train station of Göppingen; first generation of CARL
1916 CARL separates in Christian CARL (Dipl.-Ing.) Brennerei and two further companies (Jacob CARL & Gottlob CARL); second generation lead by Dipl.-Ing. Christian CARL; moving to Ziegelstraße
1942 Son Walter CARL (third generation) takes over the company
1968 Daughter Traudel Plank (born CARL) takes over as fourth generation; expansion to a European leader as a specialist in distilling technologies
1970s The 10,000th CARL plant is built
1980s The first CARL industrial distilling plant with a production capacity of 30,000 lApd is built
1984 Development of the new CARL plate design with perforated floors
1992 CADI – Computer Aided Distilling: The world‘s first automation of distilling facilities
2000s In the US/GB/GER/A many distillates of CARL facilities are highly awarded worldwide
2004 Move into the new production building in Eislingen – more than 5,000 m2 production & office space
2018 DPC – Distilling Process Control: Further new automation by CARL for smaller plants
2021 CARL‘s new CI, communication and website incl. digital showroom go online

“INNOVATION DRIVEs us. Since 1869!”