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Industrial & XXL Distilling by CARL

In industrial production, one has to keep in mind many parameters. At CARL, we will support you with our experience. The size of your premises, matters of quality, and economic production processes – we consider all these reference data when we develop and manufacture your distilling plant. And we focus on efficiency, user friendliness and durability of your distillation facility.

We plan your processes together, then we develop your individual solution. Thus, the result will be a plant that exactly matches your situation and your wishes, planned and manufactured only for you. CARL offers the following industrial range:

  • batch distilling solutions up to 15,000 l kettle capacity
  • continuous distilling from 600 l mash/h upward and up to 30,000 lApd production
  • semi- or fully automatic rectification facilities with up to 60+ trays to reach 96%+ volume
  • demethylizer columns for vodka distilling to EU-standard
  • bio-ethanol plants – decentralized small plants up to industrial standards
Applications Whisky, Vodka, Schnaps, Fruit Brandies, Wine, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Korn, Mezcal e.g.
Sizes 500 l – 15.000 l (batch) / up to 30.000 lApd (cont.)
Specs designed & built to customer specification


from 500 to 15,000 l

Continous ethanol & vodka plant