High Technology

The fine art of distilling technology - since 1869

CARL Pot Still DN 1200-750l: German High-Tech! …

CARL invests a lot of time and know-how into the development of automatic processes. When we started with our Computer Aided Distilling System (called CADi) in 2006, we created a milestone in the market.

Our automatic, intelligent distilling process control with smart measure and regulation technology including automatic refilling is leading the market. Our new Distilling Process Control (DPC), which allows the batch programming of different recipes, is specified for the operation of semi automatic plants. The DPC results in an increased efficiency with clear cost advantages.

We would like to show you our further high-tech procedures in a personal presentation. Here you see an example of our most modern plants. Highlights:

  • DPC – Distilling Process Control
  • CADi – intelligent distilling by automatic measure & process control
  • Automatic control of recipes
  • Ergonomic control panels
  • Higher safety measures
  • … and much more

We would be happy to introduce you to our other high-tech processes in a personal meeting.



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